The Importance of PPE in the Construction Industry
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The Importance of PPE in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, accidents are prevalent due to the absence of PPE or the incorrect PPE. Potential dangers can be anything from wet floors, loose scrap, lumber, etc.

Herewith a quick guide on the necessary PPE from top to toe:


Hard hats are designed and constructed to protect the head from flying or falling objects. Remember to inspect the hard hats for any damage prior to use.

Eyes and Ears:

Construction sites have objects flying around and dust particles coming up, therefore it is important to wear safety glasses and/or face shields. Eye safety has improved over the years and now includes a variety of goggles and specs. Did you know that in 2007 82% of cases involving hearing loss mainly involved workers in the manufacturing industries? Beside protecting your ears from impact, ear muffs or ear plugs also protect against ear damage due to noise, especially when using heavy equipment that creates a great amount of noise, like chainsaws.


Masks are truly essential with the amount of dust, toxic substances etc. that the worker can be exposed to. Masks should be replaced on a regular basis. “Over” used masks can decrease productivity or even induce sickness in a worker. Dust masks should be replaced when they look dirty, or after about 8 hours of wear. Respirator masks need a cartridge change when the user can begin to taste or smell the chemical. Filters may last for a few minutes or a few days, depending on how much chemicals are in the air where they are used. Maintenance and other workers exposed to high amounts of chemicals need to replace the filters more often than workers doing other kinds of work.


Construction workers’ hands are highly exposed. Different gloves offer different kinds of protection. For concrete work, heavy duty rubber gloves are ideal, and for welding, leather welding gloves are.


Reflective vests and clothing, flame and acid retardant workwear, welding protection PPE, safety harnesses, rain wear etc. can all be much needed safety workwear for construction workers working in different environments. High visibility wear is approximately 56 years old. Workers are almost immediately identified when wearing high visibility wear in low light and darkness. Studies show that workers wearing high visibility workwear are identified 3 seconds faster than others.


Safety footwear protects against freak accidents or penetration by debris, sharp objects etc. The ideal boot will have a steal toe cap and midsole. A high quality boot also helps with comfortable locomotion. Read our short blog on how to take care of you feet while working in tough circumstances.

Make sure to ask your sales representative for more information on what the perfect solution is for you and your team.


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