Do you know how fabric weight is determined?
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Do you know how fabric weight is determined?

Here is an interesting fact on fabric. Did you know that fabric weight is not determined by the weight of a final garment?

You’ve probably noticed the number in the item description followed by the abbreviation ‘oz’ or ‘g’ on the label, when shopping for a t-shirt, trouser etc. Ever wonder what that actually means?

Ounces are part of the Imperial system of measurement. Like the majority of the world, the South also uses the metric system in other words kilometres, kilograms, gram and litres. In the metric system, the common unit for measuring fabric weight is grams per square meter, or gsm.

The density of the composition of the fabric determines the weight. A standard size piece of fabric is weighed (usually a square meter) to determine the weight. It literally means that the fabric is weighed in the size of a square meter before final production.

To determine the weight of your fabric in grams per square meter, multiply the weight in ounces per square yard by 33.906. Alternatively, there is a conversion calculator available on google.

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