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Recycle Matters

I am certain that we all have found ourselves wondering how one can help or give back – even in times when you find yourself having only old pairs of shoes or clothes. Now you can – with our ( Basson Workwear ) new recycling program in collaboration with Neptun Boot’s cradle to grave initiative. For more than 10 years Neptun Boots cradle to grave recycling system has been designed to have multiple benefits. Not only do you get rid of your old gumboots, but you are also contributing to recycling by closing the loop. 😃

Here is a step by step guide to give you an idea of how it works and why you should dump your used PVC boots in a finbin.

  1. Returned boots are stored in finbins until the recycling company empties it.
  2. At the recycling site, the boots are processed and assigned according to material and composition. Only PVC boots are to be recycled as PU. Rubber boots can contaminate the PVC – causing the the whole batch to be rejected.
  3. The boots are boiled:

–           To remove the steel toe cap and steel midsole

–           Kill bacteria

–           Clean the boots from dirt, mud, stones etc.

  1.  Boots are then granulated into chips, ‘un’fluffed and bagged, stored and prepared for transport.

According to Neptun’s policy, this system’s mission is “to combat the harmful effects of plastic waste, as well as keep product costs down for our entry-level markets, ensuring that we offer the best product for an affordable price while also taking care to manufacture that product responsibly.” For more information on this, kindly follow the link:

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