Love Earth with Recycled Stationery
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Love Earth with Recycled Stationery

Do you know that we sell recycled stationery? We offer a range of eco-friendly notebooks and pens that can be branded with your company logo. By buying recycled corporate gifts, you are making a huge contribution to reducing waste, and spreading awareness for recycling.

The notebook covers and pages and pen barrels from our Barron Eco-friendly range of corporate stationery are made from recycled cardboard.

Here are some benefits of recycling:

  • Recycling 1 ton of paper or cardboard can save 1.3 tons of wood from being cut down.
  • Recycling 1 ton of plastic can save 800 kg of oil.
  • Recycling 2 plastic bottles provides enough material to make a scarf, and a sweater can be made from recycling 27 plastic bottles.
  • Recycling 25,000 tons of newspaper can save 15,000 acres of forest and still provide enough material to manufacture 15 billion pencils.

In recent years, the production of domestic wastes has increased by 60%. Although 40% of these wastes are recyclable, only 8% are actually recycled into usable goods.

By buying recycled corporate gifts, you are helping make the world a greener, brighter place.

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