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Keep Your Hard Hat On

What is a hard hat?

A Hard hat is a helmet made of rigid material like fibreglass, metal or plastic, worn in environments such as construction. It is designed and constructed to protect the head from flying or falling objects.

When did it start?

In 1919, Edward. D Bullard designed the first canvas and leather headgear that was known as the hard boiled hat. Hard hats were originally made from metal, then fiberglass, and since 1950, rigid plastics.

Can hard hats signify roles?

Yes, hard hats can signify roles by colour. It usually differs from company to company.

Do hard hats expire?

Hard hats should have an expiry date stamp or moulded on the shell. Hard hats should not be stored in direct sunlight or high temperatures. If they are stored in a cool environment, they can last substantially longer. Depending on the hard hat and material, the shell can last anything from 2 to 5 years. It is important to note that the inner/suspensions must be replaced every 12 months. Here are some tips on taking care of your hard hat:

  • Wash regularly with warm water and mild soap (chemicals can damage the hard hat material) and allow to dry.
  • Remember to inspect the hard hat daily for any damages. This includes the shell, chinstrap, suspension, sweatband etc.

What is the difference between the Nikki hard hat and a classic hard hat?

Nikki hard hats are made of lightweight ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). ABS is an excellent chemical formula that offers impact resistance, toughness and rigidness. It can also endure temperatures of up to 300’C.

Because there are so many different hard hats, it is important to wear the correct headwear in their specific environments. Ask your representative for more info or email us on



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