HACCP Wear During Covid-19
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HACCP Wear During Covid-19

Besides the fact that Covid-19 (SARS Cov-2) has changed people’s lives fundamentally in so many ways, it has changed policies and procedures worldwide. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, or HACCP, is a system of principles in place to prevent potential hazards and contamination in food and beverage productions. The growth of uncertainty and questions increases. Now more than ever, the emphasis on hygiene is huge.

What should the food workers and processors wear?

    1. HACCP approved uniforms like wrap-overs, aprons, clothing, etc
    2. Personal protective equipment like disposable caps, disposable gloves. (This must be changed regularly).
    3. Correct footwear.

As we all know, it is important to wear suitable, clean protective clothing and personal protective equipment and to sanitize/wash your hands as often as possible. All approved protective clothing should be designed to cover or replace your personal clothing and must meet the HACCP criteria. Here are a few, for interest sake: 

    1. HACCP products must be manufactured from lint-free material that is not fluffy or sheds fibres.
    2. Hats/hairnets and beard snoods must be made from fine gauge mesh or solid material. Hats must cover the entire scalp area and ears.
    3. Latex should be prohibited as it is an allergen.
    4. Captive footwear must be worn in high care areas.
    5. Buttons on garments are not allowed, as they fall off over time. If an exception with this requirement is approved, press studs will be metal detectable.

 For more information on this specific question, read our blog HACCP Compliance Criteria for Workwear Garments - https://boldtrend.co.za/blogs/news/haccp-compliance-criteria-for-workwear-garments

What is the impact of the correct HACCP workwear?

  • Prevent spills, contamination and increase productivity with fitted garments
  • The durable fabric of HACCP garments can prevent the frequent purchase of workwear
  • No pockets and press studs: Not only do press studs protect the product from contamination, but they also protect your employees with their quick removal function for when that hazardous spill occurs. The absence of pockets means that there is no chance of debris or unwanted objects contaminating the product.

Ask your representative if you have any questions or queries with regards to our HACCP products. 

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