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Why PPE In Agriculture?

Knowing the responsibilities of employers and employees, having the correct personal protective equipment and workwear is of paramount importance. Workwear has to not only comply with safety standard regulations, but must also be appropriate for the specific industry. Personal protective equipment must be efficient and breathable, and can also improve productivity in your team. It […]

The Importance of PPE in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, accidents are prevalent due to the absence of PPE or the incorrect PPE. Potential dangers can be anything from wet floors, loose scrap, lumber, etc. Herewith a quick guide on the necessary PPE from top to toe: Head: Hard hats are designed and constructed to protect the head from flying or […]

Did you know? We do!

Did you know? Metatarsal guards protect the top of your foot. Did you know? Flame retardant fabric is chemically treated to create threads and fibres that will self-extinguish when they catch on fire. Did you know? The main feature of a waterproof product is that it cannot absorb water at all. Water resistant products repel […]