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Neptun #supportlocal

Neptun recently evaluated of their most popular products and made the decision to improve it by making it local. It goes without saying that “SUPPORTING LOCAL PROVIDES JOBS AND STIMULATES THE LOCAL ECONOMY” 😊 Have a closer look at the new design of the Safelite range: Collar is padded for extra comfort and protection The […]

Leather Safety Footwear: A Good Fit For Wet Conditions?

Leather safety boots have many benefits, like durability, breathability and a comfortable fit. However, just like any other type of shoe, they have to be cared for correctly if you want them to last long. You can extend the life span of a good pair of leather safety boots considerably, by keeping them clean and […]

Keeping Your Feet Happy

The importance of a good innersole is more necessary than one might think. One of the reasons being that an excellent innersole controls the way the foot functions, or in other words – helps to keep your feet, knees, back and body in alignment. Our feet take a lot of strain and stress and if […]