Proficiency and Efficiency of the Anti-static Sock

Electricity is an important part of our daily lives. It can be dangerous too. One does not realise that exact same energy that make your hair stand up can also cause explosions.

What is static electricity (build up charge)?

A static charge is the transfer of an electron from a negatively charged object to a positively charged object in an electric field.

It is highly important to be dressed correctly for the type of environment you work in or the work you do. That means, even the socks you wear. Why socks?

Anti-static socks, like the Profit Footwear socks (Ayenzi i-Static), contain anti-static and elastic fibres that redirect static away from the skin and out of the body through the sock, into the innersole and into the sole.

It is important that all the items that are worn are anti-static. Anti-static fibres refer to the silver fibres underneath the sock, that come into direct contact with the anti-static yarn stitched into the innersole, thereby assisting with maximum efficiency.

Reducing and eliminating charge build-up in the workplace is pivotal to avoid ESD (Electrostatic discharge) damage.