Keeping Your Feet Happy

The importance of a good innersole is more necessary than one might think. One of the reasons being that an excellent innersole controls the way the foot functions, or in other words – helps to keep your feet, knees, back and body in alignment. Our feet take a lot of strain and stress and if not properly cared for, may cause long/short term issues, ranging from aches and pains due to an incorrect posture, to full blown back pain.

The benefits of a quality pair of innersoles are:

  • Absorbs shock
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps to a better posture
  • Helps prevent ankle pain, hip pain, back pain, shin splints, feet ailments
  • Arch support
  • Provides stability

The Profit Arachna Innersole is an example of a well-priced, high quality innersole.

Profit offers 2 different designs:

  1. The yellow cut-to-fit offering allows ease of purchase and suits a variety of shoe sizes. The ergonomically designed gel-foam footbed is designed to offer supreme comfort for long hours on one’s feet. A gentle gradient below the arch supports the forefoot and heel strike area.
  2. The Orange gel PU injected footbed, which offers wearers superior cushioning inside their safety boots and safety shoes. With the same ergonomic design to allow full foot cushioning under the metatarsals, it also features arch support and superior cushioning under the heel.

Both are covered with a ProFit Safety Footwear branded heat welded black woven fabric designed for ease of use with industrial socks.

Your feet carry you all day, so be kind to your feet with a pair of Profit innersoles.

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